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Linda Ellis Bempton Cliff Climbing

Linda Ellis who was born near Bridlington, acknowledges her Hodgson family research, which includes a reference guide to books and articles on the subject of cliff climbing in the Bempton area. Many previously unpublished photographs and postcards are included and also a leaflet by Jack Petty, one of the climbers in 1938.

1052 RUR



Bridlington Library Writers' Group See a Side of

The Bridlington Library Writers' Group was formed in 2011 and after nearly two years of honing their craft, a number of the writers decided to put together a collection of their work. This could be of any genre and subject, with the single proviso that it was linked to Bridlington in some way.The book features both published and unpublished authors andI am sure you will find the pieces submitted for this anthology interesting, informative and written to a very high standard.

1364 RUR



Dorothy M. Swain Making A Life Between The Wars in Bridlington

A wonderful and humorous insight into life between the wars in Bridlington.

614 RUR



Mike Thornton T 1888 Bridlington Directory

1888 trade directory of Bridlington and surrounding villages.

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Richard M. Jones Royal Victoria Rooms - The Rise and Fall of a Bridlington Landmark

From 1847 to 1933 a building complex known as the Victoria Rooms stood overlooking Bridlington harbour in East Yorkshire. In the 86 years it stood tall it was used for both entertainment, leisure and as the Town Hall, being given royal status in 1888 after a visit from the Duke of Clarence. But it was the drama of the building's final demise in September 1933 that made this grand building hit the headlines. A huge fire and some heroic deeds by the local residents meant that no lives were lost that eventful night. Now for the first time in the history of the Royal Victoria Rooms a book tells the story of the life and times of this iconic structure. Richard M. Jones is a historian who has put up six plaques to forgotten disasters around the UK and followed them up with books telling those stories. A serving member of the Royal Navy, he divides his time between Bridlington and Hampshire.

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Ms Linda Brooks A Curious . Inelegant Childhood (An Australian Story)

In this fast paced, often hilarious memoir, Linda shares her childhood memories of growing up in rural Australia in the Fifties and Sixties. This tightly woven collection contains the warm and insightful reminiscences of a curious child fascinated by the world and its people, having a joyous passion for life, and an irrepressible thirst for answers. With fearless, self deprecating humour, Linda pares back the layers of family life and takes us on a rare journey of self discovery.

1264 RUR



Linda Sacewicz Life In My Garden

Linda Sacewicz is a retired registered nurse, teacher, and currently an educator at the Bartow-Pell Mansion Museum located in the Bronx, New York. Linda has lived in the Bronx her entire life. Life in My Garden is an expression of her love of nature and especially her garden.

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Janice Marschner Oregon 1859. A Snapshot in Time

An inspiring, close-up portrait of the moment of Oregon statehood.

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Ellis Edward Sylvester Ned in the Block-House: A Tale of Early Days West

Seraphima Nickolaevna Bogomolova Puzzled

A rendezvous in a Notting Hill café, a mystery of the digits 6-6-6, a snapshot taken at the Christmas reception, a stranger, looking strangely familiar, and a coincidental encounter on a snowy yacht – what is it – a number of unconnected coincidences or meaningful signs in the lives of the two seemingly different yet so similar young people?

320 RUR



Linda Barrett, Rob Nisbet Coffee Break Reads

Coffee Break Reads: a book of twenty short stories by Linda Barrett and Rob Nisbet. Each story is the ideal length to fit into a coffee or tea break. Between them the authors have had many stories printed in magazines worldwide. This is a selection of the best, with the addition of a few original tales.

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Charles W. Pumphrey Captured. By the Light of Silvery Doom

Linda Grosenbaugh was an assassin for the Chicago crime syndicate. Her father had introduced Linda to the crime family at an early age. Daddy was "boss" of the human organ-harvesting operation in Lancaster, California, but made an unforgiveable mistake, making him and his family expendable. After the death of her parents, Linda was on the run. Having taken her father's last words seriously, Linda arrived at a refuge known as We Ville. Once admitted to her safe haven, Linda became an important part of that community, later to learn this was all preordained destiny. The unique town is occupied by those with infinite powers, some strange and some wondrous. The government has taken notice of We Ville, and a congressman has decided to undermine everything and anything in hopes to acquire it for himself.

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Trev Haymer The Feisty Professor - Book Three

The intrepid Professor returns!Bridlington author Trev Haymer presents his third book of mystery cases by the feisty investigator. She is a red-haired precocious young lady in her early thirties who is a Professor of Archaeology and Forensics. She is always ready to assist the local cash-strapped police force.Known as Prof, the tenacious Professor wears designer clothes purchased from the internet. She has a sidekick, Stanley who is a metal-detectorist and who she looks upon as the granddad she never had.Most of these cases are set in Prof's base of Bretelton (the Anglo Saxon name for Bridlington) an east coast seaside resort.The cases are spiked with danger but also spiced with humour.

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Ellis Palmer An Encyclopedia of Persian Philosophers

Explore the study of thought and Philosophy in ancient Persia in this collection of articles by author/historian Ellis Palmer.

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Bree Z. Love A Twisted Affair With Haikus

A short book of love poems. Love comes in all forms. These short and sassy style of poems can give a snapshot of a bigger picture. As well as, provide another way to see the smaller things in our world that sometimes goes unnoticed or unspoken; a voice.

1389 RUR



Charlotte MacKenzie The Ellis Breweries at Helston and Hayle

This local history outlines the origins and histories of the Ellis breweries at Helston and Hayle. It includes histories of Cornish 'locals' as many of the inns, pubs, and hotels associated with the Ellis breweries are in business today. It is a useful reference source for local and family historians.

1652 RUR



Linda Hayes Afroetry. Afrocentric Poetry That Educates . Motivates

In this book, Linda uses poetry as a means of teaching black people about their history, heritage and culture. She wrote this book with zealous devotion to people of African descent, in hopes of reminding them of their strengths, inspiring them to get back on track, and motivating them to strive to be all that God intended.

2114 RUR



Linda Pierson Meek, Hazen Meek Giving Up Is Not an Option. One M Struggle to Make the Impossible Possible

When Linda Pierson first met Hazen at an amusement park, it was love at first sight. Hazen, a candle maker and rock and roller, captured Linda’s heart from the moment he walked by her photography booth. As Linda and Hazen began dating and eventually married, she had no idea of the challenges that would await both of them in the coming years. After Linda joined Hazen in work and in life, he suffered two strokes considered “reversible” through physical theraphy and a change of medicine. But just two years later, he suffered another stroke that robbed him his ability to walk and lead a normal life. As Linda and Hazen bravely faced their new challenge together, she details how he set out to prove the impossible was possible and surprised everyone around him by accomplishing more than anyone ever believed he could. As his health crises led him through a heart attack, quadruple bypass surgery, and eventually cancer, Linda shares a glimpse into a caregiver’s heart as she tended to his physical needs and, most importantly, loved him unconditionally. Giving Up Is Not an Option is the true story of one couple’s journey together through nineteen years of health challenges as they persevered through their darkest days with love, faith, and hope.

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Отзыв туриста по отелю Linda Sea View 4* . Рейтинг отелей и ...

23 янв. 2018 г. - Отзыв туриста по отелю Linda Sea View 4*. TopHotels - информационный ... о., Провинция Хайнань, Китай. Елена. Серпухов, Россия.

Торговая марка LINDA FARROW - ochki.net

Очковый бренд Linda Farrow . Дизайнер Линда Ферроу (Linda Farrow) основала собственную марку очков ...

Животные Серпухов - объявления с ценой - Объявления в Серпухове

Объявления животные Серпухов с удобной навигацией, объявления животные ... Инкубационное яйцо Цесарки и гусей Линда, Крупный Серый. 1/3.

ЛИНДЕ ГАЗ РУС - официальный сайт, отзывы, телефон, адрес ...

Актуальная информация о ЛИНДЕ ГАЗ РУС - телефон, контакты, график ... Организация расположена: Московская область, Серпухов, Северное шоссе.

Баха Муминов, Серпухов - Valet.ru

Баха Муминов | Серпухов. Последний вход 12.12.2018 15:30:29. Баха Муминов | Серпухов. Баха Муминов. Россия, Серпухов ... Линда Чёрная. user ...

Кровать Линда с подъемным механизмом (разные размеры) НИК в ...

Продается — Кровать Линда с подъемным механизмом (разные размеры) НИК в Серпухове всего за 7 146 руб..

Lindafarrow.co.uk: Luxury Sunglasses & Optical Frames ...

Lindafarrow.co.uk is tracked by us since April, 2011. It was owned by several entities, from bally sunglass & optical company ltd. Bally Sunglass & Optical ...

Доставка цветов в Линде, заказать цветы с бесплатной доставкой

Крупнейший интернет-магазин доставки цветов и букетов Flor2u. Огромный выбор цветов на любой вкус. Бесплатная доставка по Линде.

Афиша Серпухова - Смитанка

Афиша Серпухова, расписание кинотеатров и отдых в Серпухове. ... Концерты; События; Спектакли. ЛИНДА Корстон-Серпухов Pre-Party Hall 5 Января.

Отвезти посылку москва-серпухов. Срочно - цена: 3 000 руб., г ...

Отвезти посылку москва-серпухов. Срочно - цена: 3 000 руб., г. Москва, Москва ... Курьер на одну доставку. Линда Ф. 1000 руб. Водитель на авто.

Линда - концерты в Серпухове на сцене Корстон-Серпухов

Когда-то это имя гремело на всю страну, ведь эта эпатажная и неформатная певица в буквальном смысле слова взорвала отечественную сцену. Линда ...сб, 5 янв.ЛиндаЛинде Газ Рус: адрес, телефон | Нефтепродукты и топливо оптом ...https://www.spr.ru/serpuhov-i-serpuhovskiy-rayon/linde-gaz-rus-1019099.htmlСохраненная копияЛинде Газ Рус в Серпухове. Данные СПР о фирме содержат адрес, телефон.

SootheSayer 2018

Book Review from June/July 2018 Edition of The Mountain Astrologer . Our Choice: Extinction or Evolution by Richard Spitzer and Linda Schurman, Soothe Script ...

Рамка премиум 15х20 см, дерево, багет 26 мм, "Linda", зеленая ...

Рамка премиум 15х20 см, дерево, багет 26 мм, "Linda", зеленая, подставка - недорого в ОФИСМАГ. Бесплатная доставка, большой выбор товаров для ...

Линда, Корстон-Серпухов - билеты на listim.com

Билеты от 750 рублей. Линда 0+ . Корстон-Серпухов. Билеты онлайн на listim.com.сб, 5 янв.ЛиндаЕздили на концерт ЛИНДЫ - отзыв о Корстон, Серпухов, Россия ...https://www.tripadvisor.ru › ... › Серпухов › Серпухов - Развлечения › КорстонСохраненная копияи лучшие специальные предложения для Серпухов, Россия на сайте ... Приезжали на концерт Линды Гейман. Отличное шоу, зрители были довольны.

Подольск, Чехов, Серпухов - Superjob

... области (Подольск, Чехов, Серпухов) в компании Малаховский мясокомбинат, зарплата 70 000 руб. ... Линде Материал Хэндлинг Рус (Linde MH).

Mia Farrow - Wikipedia

Before her acting career, Farrow worked as a fashion model for many years. She screen-tested for the role of Liesl von Trapp in The Sound of Music, but did not get ...

Посоветуйте пожалуйста хорошего гинеколога в Серпухове!!!!

27 окт. 2013 г. - Посоветуйте пожалуйста хорошего гинеколога в Серпухове!! ... Линданеправда! что значит пофиг на всё?! очень хороший врач! сходите ...

Linda Cristal - Wikipedia

Linda Cristal (Spanish: ; born Marta Victoria Moya Burges, February 23, 1934) is an Argentine-American actress. She appeared in a number of Western films during the ...

Linda Hunt – Wikipedia

Leben. Linda Hunt studierte Regie an der Goodman Theatre School of Drama in Chicago. Die nur 1,45 m große Schauspielerin hatte 1980 ihr Filmdebüt in der ...

Линде Газ Рус

Linde – лидирующий поставщик технических, специальных газов и газового оборудования в России.

Woody Allen - Wikipedia

Woody Allen, pseudonimo di Heywood Allen, nato Allan Stewart Königsberg (New York, 1º dicembre 1935), è un regista, sceneggiatore, attore, comico, scrittore e ...

Кровать Линда с подъёмным механизмом, купить в Серпухове ...

Кровать Линда с подъёмным механизмом в Серпухове - Торговый дом Людмила.

Купить билеты на фильм Хантер Киллер (Hunter Killer ...

Рамблер / Касса Серпухов – цены на билеты, расписание сеансов в кинотеатрах, ... Актеры: Гари Олдман, Джерард Батлер, Линда Карделлини, Юрий ...

Farrow Rib Stitch on a Loom - LoomaHat.com

Farrow Rib Stitch for the Knitting Loom. Looks like the Uneven, Mistaken, Broken and the Mock

Линда прошедшие концерты - GetShow.ru

Список всех состоявшихся концертов Линды в России. ... 24 Дек 2016, Серпухов, Линда в Серпухове, ГТРК Корстон. 10 Дек 2016, Краснодар, Линда, ТРК ...

Mytheresa - Designermode & Luxus-Fashion für Damen

Damenmode, Schuhe, Taschen & Accessoires von mehr als 200 internationalen Luxus-Designern wie Balenciaga, Gucci, Chloé, Valentino & Co. – Mehr entdecken im Luxus ...

Двуспальная кровать Линда в Серпухове купить недорого. Кровати ...

Двуспальная кровать Линда в Серпухове купить недорого. Кожаные кровати с подъёмным механизмом и нишей для белья. Цена и фото. Двуспальная ...

SINGAPORE | Designer Glasses & Sunglasses | – Spectacle Hut

Shop our Huge Selection of Designer Glasses, Sunglasses, Prescription Sunglasses ; Contact Lenses for Men; Women. Free Shipping; Price-Match Guarantee!

Танцоры на праздник в Серпухове — 277 артистов, 270 отзывов ...

Танцоры на праздник ✅ в Серпухове от 500 руб./усл. ... Пригласили Линда шоу на свадьбу 01.10.2016 Очень долго и скрупулёзно выбирала танцоров по ...

Российская Леди Гага посетит Серпухов Ока Инфо

27 окт. 2015 г. - В Хэллоуин на сцене «Корстона» состоится выступление экстравагантной Линды. Что бы Линда ни спела, чем бы она ни удивила ...

Концерт Линды в Москве - билеты в Корстон-Серпухов 5 января ...

Билеты на концерт Линды 5 января 2019 в Корстон-Серпухов Москва Линда. Официальная цена от 750 р. Электронные билеты, кассы без наценки.сб, 5 янв.Концерт ЛиндыРекс и Линда ищут дом - купить, продать или отдать в Московской ...https://www.avito.ru › Серпухов › СобакиСохраненная копия13 дек. 2018 г. - Рекс и Линда ищут дом - купить, продать или отдать в Московской области на Avito. ... Адрес: Московская область, Серпухов,.

Гостевой дом Linda & Mario 3* Задар Хорватия — отзывы ...

Краткое описание: Комплекс Linda & Mario находится в окружении средиземноморского сада, в 250 метрах от пляжа Дикло. К услугам гостей номера и ...

кино — Вестёнок Серпухов

Какие фильмы стоит посмотреть, чтобы лучше понимать, через какие трудности приходится проходить взрослеющим детям? Психолог Линда Джонс ...

LINDA 5 января - Korston

LINDA 5 января. КУПИТЬ БИЛЕТ. Korston-Серпухов представляет концерт Линда! Девушка-легенда, когда-то взорвавшая российскую сцену, своим ...

Купить недорогую кухню Линда по цене руб./м.п Кухни с ...

Заказать недорогую кухню Линда бесплатный дизайн и доставка по Москве. Фото Кухни с фотопечатью - любой размер, цвет, материал.

Денис Майданов - Вечная Любовь - Смотреть видео - Авторадио ...

Авторадио Серпухов. ДВИЖЕНИЕ ТОЛЬКО ВПЕРЁД ... Линда - Северный Ветер. 8. #LIVE Авторадио ... Линда - Камера Пыток. 6. #LIVE Авторадио.обогреватели: serpuhovserpuhov.livejournal.com/330006.htmlНе подскажете, где у нас в Серпухове или в близлежащих городах продаются ... Нереальная оптимистка Линда ( linda_ed) wrote in serpuhov, 2008-09-02 ...

Сбитую грузовиком в центре Москвы певицу Линду отпустили из ...

31 авг. 2017 г. - Певица Линда (Светлана Гейман), которая пострадала накануне после наезда на нее грузовика в центре Москвы, отпущена домой из ...

Вакансия Контролер (г. Серпухов) в Линде - Rabota 7 .ру

Вакансия Контролер (г. Серпухов) в Линде. Работа в компании Прогресс. Условия работы: не указано.

Линда Табагари - обсуждение - российские актрисы - Кино-Театр.РУ

привіт Линда ти супер,прікольно граєш. Так тримати.Надіюся в тебе все буде добре:) № 5 Вероника Романова (Серпухов) 26.03.2007, 19:41. Линда, вы ...

opticiens OPTA à Montmartre, un monde dédié aux Créateurs ...

Anne & Valentin - Theo - Caroline Abram - Nathalie Blanc - Kuboraum - Michel Henau-Suzy Glam - Cuttler and Gross - Linda Farrow – Matsuda - Lesca - Moscot - Blake ...

Линда (г. Серпухов) | 05 января 2019 21:00 | KASSIR.RU

5 янв. 2019 г. - Компания Kassir.ru - крупнейший билетный оператор Восточной Европы. Купить билеты на Линда (г. Серпухов), г. Серпухов, ул.ср, 17 апр.Bejart Ballet Lausanne (Балет ...Crocus City Hall (Крокус Сити ...вт, 4 июн.Анна Нетребко, Андреа ...Государственный ...пт, 28 июн.Дикая МятаБунырево (Тульская область)ЛИНДА / 5 января/ Серпухов | ВКонтактеhttps://vk.com/korston_pre_partyСохраненная копияПохожиеДействия. Пожаловаться. ЛИНДА / 5 января 21:00 / Серпухов ⚠ Билеты на всех кассах Корстон, или по ссылке https://club.korston.ru/tickets/?event=23181

Крем Linda Cosmetics в Серпухове - 872 товара: Выгодные цены.

872 предложения в наличии! В категории: Крем Linda Cosmetics - купить по выгодной цене, доставка: Серпухов, скидки!

Linda ellis a snapshot of bridlington in. Торговая марка LINDA FARROW - ochki.net

Очковый бренд Linda Farrow . Дизайнер Линда Ферроу (Linda Farrow) основала собственную марку очков ...

В Серпухове есть Расселы? Унас Саб) - Клуб любителей пород Джек ...

Приехали из Воронежа, теперь живем в Серпухове, гуляем в Ивановских ... Linda Приветствую! В какое время обычно гуляете?мы на ...

Фотоотчёт 31 Октября ЛИНДА Корстон г. Серпухов - ТРЦ Корстон ...

31 окт. 2015 г. - 31 Октября ЛИНДА Корстон г. Серпухов г. Серпухов, Борисовское шоссе, 1 КОРСТОН Тел.: 8(4967) 391-999 #kaluga #калуга #серпухов ...

Linda Lagrand - Home

Linda Lagrand Interior Design. Ervaar het comfort van een stijlvol en deskundig ontworpen interieur, als resultaat van een reis die we samen maken.

Скачать Линда - Беги (Live in Korston,Serpukhov, 24.12.2016 ...

25 дек. 2016 г. - Смотреть Линда - Беги (Live in Korston,Serpukhov, 24.12.2016) Скачать 3GP 144p, 3GP 240p, MP4 360p.

Линда Фиорентино (Linda Fiorentino) – Актриса: фильмография ...

Актриса Линда Фиорентино (Linda Fiorentino) родилась: 9 марта 1958 г (60 лет). Фильмов: 14.

Светильник НББ-19-60-002 IP65 Линда 110 наклонный серый - ЭТМ

Купить Светильник НББ-19-60-002 IP65 Линда 110 наклонный серый (1005050019). Описание, характеристики, цена, наличие на складе, заказ.

Linda ellis a snapshot of bridlington in. opticiens OPTA à Montmartre, un monde dédié aux Créateurs ...

Anne & Valentin - Theo - Caroline Abram - Nathalie Blanc - Kuboraum - Michel Henau-Suzy Glam - Cuttler and Gross - Linda Farrow – Matsuda - Lesca - Moscot - Blake ...

Линде Газ Рус в Серпухове

Линде Газ Рус - Газовые компании в Серпухове, адрес, телефон, время работы и отзывы.

Legendary songwriter Donovan talks to Performing Songwriter

What is the story behind “Sunshine Superman”? The inspiration for the lyric came out of meeting my wife Linda in 1965. She had been in a relationship with Brian ...

Линда 5 января Серпухов - Facebook

Korston-Серпухов представляет концерт Линда! Девушка-легенда, когда-то взорвавшая российскую сцену, своим "неформатом". Певица, которую ...

Линде Илларион, Серпухов, Россия - BazaMan.ru

12 нояб. 2017 г. - Линде Илларион - полная информация о человеке в Серпухов, Россия.

Линда – загадка востока в Серпухове - Glazey.info

30 окт. 2015 г. - 31 октября на сцене ГТРК Корстон выступит Линда – одна из самых экстравагантных представительниц отечественного шоу-бизнеса.

ООО «Корстон-Серпухов» - Ю-Софт».

... Единого центра правовой поддержки «Ю-Софт» ООО «Корстон-Серпухов» ... Дельфин, группа IOWA, Бьянка, Линда, группа КАСТА, Макsим, Лигалайз, ...

Концерт Линда в городе Москва. - TIWO.ru

5 янв. 2019 г. - Описание. Korston-Серпухов представляет концерт Линда! Девушка-легенда, когда-то взорвавшая российскую сцену, своим ...сб, 5 янв.МоскваБанкетка Пуф Линда 311 цена 1 470 руб. купить в Серпухове ...https://serpuhov.centr-mebel.com › Каталог › Мягкая мебель › ПуфыБанкетка Пуф Линда 311ПВХ МДФ ЛДСП купить в Серпухове - интернет магазин Центр Мебель.

Ботильоны женские LINDA (цвет темно-синий, спилок) — купить по ...

Ботильоны женские LINDA (цвет темно-синий, спилок ) по выгодной цене в интернет-магазине RALF RINGER. Оперативная обработка заказов ...

Линде Газ - технические и медицинские газы, Северное ш., 16 ...

Линде Газ, Технические и медицинские газы. Северное ш., 16, Серпухов. Время работы пн-пт 9:00–17:00, перерыв 12:00–13:00.


... ВЫТЯЖКИ. LINDA PNP 600 inox 3R. LINDA PNP 900 inox 3R ...... Серпухов. ИП Чиков М.Э "Топаз". 142211 г. Серпухов, ул. 1-я. Московская, д. 44.

ЛИНДЕ ГАЗ РУС Серпухов - телефон, адрес, контакты. Отзывы о ...

Информация о ЛИНДЕ ГАЗ РУС - телефон, сайт, время работы и отзывы пользователей. Адрес в Серпухове - Северное шоссе.

WebHealer Websites | Counselling | The Professional ...

Complementary Therapy website, Professional therapist website and Counselling websites from WebHealer

Eu.lindafarrow.com: Luxury Sunglasses & Optical Frames ...

Lindafarrow.com is tracked by us since March, 2013. Over the time it has been ranked as high as 296 099 in the world, while most of its traffic comes from USA, where ...

Линда - spasibosberbank.events

Линда. постер мероприятия. 5 ЯНВ. - 9 ФЕВ. Корстон - Серпухов г. ... Но не Линда. Тогда экстравагантная певица из Казахстана собирала стадионы на ...

«И снова здравствуйте». Линда - НТВ

Видео: «И снова здравствуйте». Линда. ... Линда. 9651. комментировать. Рекомендуем. Тело убитой клиентки BlaBlaCar нашли под Серпуховом.Слушать и скачать Линда Беги Live In Korston Serpukhov 24 12 2016https://mp3-nino.ru/songs/линда-беги-live-in-korston-serpukhov-24-12-2016/Сохраненная копияСлушать и скачать mp3 Линда Беги Live In Korston Serpukhov 24 12 2016. Размер: 5.86 MB, Продолжительность: 4 мин и 27 сек, Битрейт: 192 Kbps.

КалугаРесурс: сварочное оборудование и материалы в Калуге

Компания ООО «Калуга Ресурс» является официальным представителем ОАО «Линде Газ Рус» (крупнейший в России .... Серпухов, Северное шоссе 16.

Сайт певицы Линды (новый проект Линда Bloody Faeries) - Все ...

01 Сентября 2015 г. Ближайшие даты концертов певицы Линды в России: "ICON", Москва (30 октября). "Корстон", Серпухов (31 октября).

Туры в отель Linda Sea View 3*, Китай, Санья — цены и отзывы 2019

Отель Linda Sea View 3*, Санья, Китай — предлагаем ознакомиться с ценами ... Севастополь; Сергиев Посад; Серпухов; Симферополь; Смоленск; Сочи ...

Линде Газ Рус - Серпухов, Северное ш., 16 - Tilbagevise.ru

Линде Газ Павловский Посад - 123.82 км. Павловский Посад, Интернациональный пер., 28А. Технические и медицинские газы города Серпухов (1).

Linda C. Hendry I Love Your Tears

When Linda was six years old, her Mum died. Thirty-five years later, she learned that it is never too late to grieve. Time alone had not healed her wounds, there were many thoughts and feelings that had to be faced head on. Practical tasks helped Linda to take time to grieve including: discovering more about her Mum; looking at old school books; and, surprisingly, making rag dolls! By also learning about total forgiveness and shedding lots and lots of tears, Linda describes how she was able finally to let the past be the past!Linda also gave birth to a still-born son, Charlie. Grieving for Charlie was much more immediate and intense - and so in many ways this stands in contrast to Linda's experience of grieving for her Mum. Linda Hendry has been a member of St Thomas's Church, Lancaster, UK, for over 30 years, and was a seminar speaker at the New Wine Landmark Conference in 2015. She is also a Professor of Operations Management at Lancaster University, UK.

1364 RUR



Lynne Stewart Camarillo State Hospital. Snapshot of an Era A Collection Poems and Prose

A young woman is labeled schizophrenic, but is living with anger and withdrawing from the oppression of abuse and trauma. She gains solace and amusement expressing herself writing poetry in an insane asylum. The book is illustrated with pictures and drawings. The hospital was Camarillo State Hospital in Ventura, California in the mid-1960's.

1639 RUR



Rick Steves Snapshot Naples & the Amalfi Coast: Including Pompeii

You can count on Rick Steves to tell you what you really need to know when traveling in Naples and the Amalfi Coast. In this compact guide, Rick Steves covers the essentials of Naples and the Amalfi Coast, including Pompeii, Vesuvius, Positano, and Amalfi Town. Visit Naples' Archaeological Museum, the Pompeii Forum, or the cathedrals and beaches of the Amalfi coast. You'll get Rick's firsthand advice on the best sights, eating, sleeping, and nightlife, and the maps and self-guided tours will ensure you make the most of your experience. More than just reviews and directions, a Rick Steves Snapshot guide is a tour guide in your pocket. Rick Steves Snapshot guides consist of excerpted chapters from Rick Steves European country guidebooks. Snapshot guides are a great choice for travelers visiting a specific city or region, rather than multiple European destinations. These slim guides offer all of Rick's up-to-date advice on what sights are worth your time and money. They include good-value hotel and restaurant recommendations, with no introductory information (such as overall trip planning, when to go, and travel practicalities).

868 RUR

Rick Steves похожие


The Promised Land

New York City, 1942. From the detention centre on Ellis Island, Ludwig Somner looks across a small stretch of water to the glittering towers of Manhattan, which whisper seductively of freedom after so many years of wandering a perilous, suffering Europe. Unexpectedly released into the city's chaotic midst, Somner finds himself adrift in this promised land, living the precarious life of a refugee amongst a community held together by an unspeakable past. Slowly building a life for himself, each new luxury - ice cream served in drugstores, bright shop windows, art, a new suit, a new romance and ultimately the possibility of a new life - has a bittersweet edge. Memories of war and inhumanity continue to resurface, even in a city seemingly bursting with opportunity. A haunting snapshot of a unique time, place and predicament, this is a wonderful evocation of a city, a gripping exploration of an individual haunted by the past and another powerful comment from Remarque on the devastating effects of war.

1822 RUR

Vintage похожие


Linda Watson Coincidence . Synchronicity .Guidance.. A Personal Journey

Coincidence + Synchronicity = Guidance ... A personal Journey, tells the story of one woman's spiritual awakening. Born on the Isle of Man into a poor working class family in 1954 tragic circumstances early in life propel Linda into a journey of spiritual exploration. In 1990 a magical pathway of exciting and unbelievable 'coincidences' began to appear that changed not only her life, but also her perception of life... forever. Following her spiritual 'satnav' as guidance she has been led inexorably forward on her 'journey through life' to experience many wonderful and exhilarating adventures.Linda shares her story with you in a cheerful down-to-earth manner.Let her story touch your life and like hers change it forever.

1189 RUR



Natalie Fox Promise Of Passion

Playing with fire!Caroline Maxwell was a bright, intelligent single woman with a busy career and an adorable four-year-old girl in her care. Ellis Frazer , dynamic financier, was a confirmed bachelor with a sophisticated life-style. They were complete opposites, and Caroline knew an affair with Ellis could end in heartache.But there was an explosive attraction between them, a promise of passion Caroline wasn't sure she could resist – or even wanted to!

115.91 RUR



McCartney Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs

The world through Linda's eyes A retrospective of Linda McCartney's life and photography In 1966, during a brief stint as a receptionist for Town and Country magazine, Linda Eastman snagged a press pass to a very exclusive promotional event for the Rolling Stones aboard a yacht on the Hudson River; her fresh, candid photographs of the band were far superior to the formal shots made by the band's official photographer, and she was instantly on the way to making a name for herself as a top rock 'n' roll photographer. In May 1968, with her portrait of Eric Clapton, she entered the record books as the first female photographer to have her work featured on the cover of Rolling Stone. During her tenure as the leading photographer of the late 1960s' musical scene, she captured many of rock's most important musicians on film, including Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Simon & Garfunkel, The Who, The Doors, and the Grateful Dead. In 1967, Linda went to London to document the "Swinging Sixties," where she met Paul McCartney at the Bag 'O Nails club and subsequently photographed The Beatles during a launch event for the Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band album. Paul and Linda fell in love, and were married on March 12, 1969. For the next three decades, until her untimely death, she devoted herself to her family, vegetarianism, animal rights, and photography. From her early rock 'n' roll portraits, through the final years of The Beatles, via touring with Wings to raising four children with Paul, Linda captured her whole world on film. Her shots range from spontaneous family pictures to studio sessions with Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson, as well as artists Willem de Kooning and Gilbert and George. Always unassuming and fresh, her work displays a warmth and feeling for the precise moment that captures the essence of any subject. Whether photographing her children, celebrities, animals, or a fleeting moment of everyday life, she did so without pretension or artifice. This retrospective volume-selected from her archive of over 200,000 images-is produced in close collaboration with Paul McCartney and their children. Included are forewords by Paul, Stella, and Mary McCartney. As such, it is a moving personal journal and a lasting testament to Linda's talent. The photographer: Linda McCartney (nee Eastman) was born in New York in 1941. She took a photo course with Hazel Archer and studied art history at the University of Arizona before settling in New York City, where she began her photo career shooting rock portraits. Outside of her photography, which has been exhibited in over 50 galleries worldwide including the Victoria and Albert Museum, London, the National Portrait Gallery, London, the Bonni Benrubi Gallery, New York, and the International Center of Photography, New York, Linda McCartney is known for her passionate animal rights activism and her staunch vegetarianism. She wrote cookbooks and founded her own brand of frozen vegetarian meals, all the while raising a family, continuing to take photographs, and participating as a Wings band member alongside Paul McCartney. She died in 1998 at the age of 56

3990 RUR



Brian Jeffries Pastimes - A Comedy

Sam and Bill, two middle-aged brothers, own and run "Cobblers", a cafe in a seaside town. Their peace is shattered by the arrivals of a runaway, Linda, who is after a job, and her grandmother, Connie, who is after Linda. A terrible coincidence is revealed as Connie is brought face-to-face with George, the husband who left her forty years ago and who is now Sam; likewise, Connie's friend Win finds, in Bill, her errant Arthur.|3 women, 2 men

2127 RUR



Robert M. Ellis Parables of the Middle Way

'Parables of the Middle Way' combines fiction and commentary to provide various imaginative ways into the core themes of Middle Way Philosophy already developed in Robert M Ellis's other books. The stories are either original, or adapted from a range of sources: philosophical, Buddhist and Christian. They include the story of a ship caught in a strait between two intractably opposed ports, an inside-out version of Plato's cave, a set of variations of the Good Samaritan suggesting all the other ways of doing good, and the early life of the Buddha transposed to eighteenth century England.Robert M. Ellis is the founder of the Middle Way Society, author of 'Migglism' and of the 'Middle Way Philosophy' series. He has a Ph.D. in Philosophy as well as a long-standing interest in fiction, and is devoted to developing new and more adequate ways of thinking that can be applied in practice.

1814 RUR



Book Sprint Cost of Freedom

The Cost of Freedom is not a statement about freedom and culture - it is a primal scream - the sum of our questions and desires. It is the raw expression of our lives. It talks about what is ultimately made through the dream of free culture: us. The many contributions in this book offer a unique snapshot of its dreads and interrogations, and a tentative program for the reader to reflect on the future of freedom in our times.Any sales generated from this goes to support the #FREEBASSEL Campaign.

1077 RUR



Willy Russell Stags and Hens (The Remix)

This cynical play by the author of Educating Rita is a comedy of wedding eve nerves set in the loos of a tacky Liverpool club where Dave and Linda, unbeknownst to each other, are having parties.

2139 RUR



Advances in Authentic and Ethical Leadership

A volume in Research in Management (Sponsored by the Southern Management Association)Series Editors Linda L. Neider and Chester A. SchriesheimUniversity of MiamiThe latest volume in the Research in Management series, co-edited by Linda L.Neider and Chester A. Schrieshiem, reports on "Advances in Authentic andEthical Leadership." The eight insightful chapters are contributed by nationaland international scholars spanning the fields of leadership, organizationalbehavior, and research methodology. Among the areas discussed and linked toauthentic and/or ethical leadership are mindfulness, decision making, the roleof character, antecedents, substitutes for leadership, psychological capital, and asome of the "dark side" aspects associated with authenticity. Advances inAuthentic and Ethical Leadership is a book that should be purchased by anyonecurrently or anyone considering doing research in the area.

6289 RUR



Gaetano Rossi Linda di Chamounix. Melodramma in Tre Atti (Classic Reprint)

Excerpt from Linda di Chamounix: Melodramma in Tre AttiAtto I. La Partenza da Chamounix. Atto 11. Parigi. Atto lll. Il ritornò in Chamounix.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at www.forgottenbooks.comThis book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

1327 RUR



Charlotte MacKenzie The Ellis family in Cornwall

This book reveals the history of the Ellis family in Cornwall through ten generations from Elizabethan times to the first world war. The earlier generations farmed in west Cornwall. Initially trading as victuallers and merchants the family later established the Helston and Hayle breweries. It is a useful reference source for family and local historians.

2377 RUR



Linda Fairley The Midwife’s Here!: Enchanting True Story of One Britain’s Longest Serving Midwives

The Sunday Times bestseller‘Delivering my first baby is a memory that will stay with me forever. Just feeling the warmth of a newborn head in your hands, that new life, there’s honestly nothing like it… I’ve since brought more than 2,200 babies into the world, and I still tingle with excitement every time.’It’s the summer of 1968 and St Mary’s Maternity Hospital in Manchester is a place from a bygone age. It is filled with starched white hats and full skirts, steaming laundries and milk kitchens, strict curfews and bellowed commands. It is a time of homebirths, swaddling and dangerous anaesthetics. It was this world that Linda Fairley entered as a trainee midwife aged just 19 years old.From the moment Linda delivered her first baby – racing across rain-splattered Manchester street on her trusty moped in the dead of night – Linda knew she’d found her vocation. ‘The midwife’s here!’ they always exclaimed, joined in their joyful chorus by relieved husbands, mothers, grandmothers and whoever else had found themselves in close proximity to a woman about to give birth.Under the strict supervision of community midwife Mrs Tattershall, Linda’s gruellingly long days were spent on overcrowded wards pinning Terry nappies, making up bottles and sterilizing bedpans – and above all helping women in need. Her life was a succession of emergencies, successes and tragedies: a never-ending chain of actions which made all the difference between life and death.There was Mrs Petty who gave birth in heartbreaking poverty; Mrs Drew who confided to Linda that the triplets she was carrying were not in fact her husband’s; and Muriel Turner, whose dangerously premature baby boy survived – against all the odds. Forty years later Linda’s passion for midwifery burns as bright as ever as she is now celebrated as one of Britain’s longest-serving midwives, still holding the lives of mothers and children in her own two hands.Rich in period detail and told with a good dose of Manchester humour, The Midwife’s Here! is the extraordinary, heartwarming tale of a truly inspiring woman.

377.34 RUR



Steve Ellis Havercake Lad. Fortune Favours the Brave Virtutis Fortuna Comes

One man. One love. One war. He must leave her to fight. Duty calls.After three years' service in the British Army, Private Samuel Ogden travels to France at the outbreak of World War I in 1914. Fiancé Alice is left in the village, marriage on hold. But Havercake Lad is not a love story. It is a gritty tale of daily life as a rifleman in frontline fighting. Based on official military records, this novel plots many of the war's key characters, events and battles. Samuel Ogden is fiction. But the heroic activities of Havercake Lads, men of the Duke of Wellington's Regiment, 2nd Battalion, are based firmly on fact.Steve Ellis explores the trauma of war, the psychology of soldier-killing and the personal consequences of being constantly surrounded by casualties and corpses.

1489 RUR



Linda Kovic-Skow French Illusions. From Tours to Paris

Linda Kovic's story continues in From Tours to Paris - the final book in the French Illusions series based on her diaries from 1979 and 1980. Still determined to learn French and fulfill her dream of becoming an international flight attendant, she puts her disastrous stint as an au pair behind her and revels in newfound freedom in the city of Tours. She finds lodging, enrolls at a French institute, and spends eight glorious days with Adam before he leaves for the holidays. When he returns, his shocking announcement propels her in a different direction, eventually leading her to Paris. Join Linda as she struggles with money, faces challenges at school, and learns some tough lessons about love and life.

1152 RUR



Gaetano Rossi Linda di Chamounix. Melodramma in Tre Atti (Classic Reprint)

Excerpt from Linda di Chamounix: Melodramma in Tre AttiAtto I. La Partenza da Chamounix. Atto 11. Parigi. Atto lì]. Il Ritorno in Chamounix.About the PublisherForgotten Books publishes hundreds of thousands of rare and classic books. Find more at www.forgottenbooks.comThis book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

1327 RUR



Mitford Nancy The Pursuit of Love

Longing for love, obsessed with weddings and let's not even mention the mysteries of sex, Linda and her sisters and cousin Fanny are on the hunt for the ideal lover. But finding the perfect match is much harder than any of the sisters had ever dreamed. Linda is first courted by a Tory MP and then becomes embroiled with a handsome but humourless communist, before she risks everything on a chance at real, head-over-heels love in war-torn Paris.

957 RUR



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